About The UNH Economics Collective

Who Are We?

The University of New Haven Economics Collective is a cooperative space for students, alumni, and members of the community to connect and engage, in order to foster mentorship and learning that goes beyond the classroom. The Collective is a student-run social network that exists both as a catalyst for the formation of creative solutions to today's challenges, and as a resource for tomorrow's Economists.

Because Economics helps people to make informed decisions about how to allocate resources, it touches on even the most nuanced parts of our lives. Members can post about anything that interests them, whether it be research-related, recent events, or their personal thoughts on a specific topic. These posts are not screened or filtered, and we only request that members rely on professionalism and common sense when sharing their thoughts on the Collective.

Board Members

Editorial Board Members:

Michelle Zheng
Kevin Lauber
Mia Sumra

Advisory Board:

Benjamin Atwater, Program Director

A. E. Rodriguez, Program Advisor


Please contact Benjamin Atwater with any inquiries at batwa1@unh.newhaven.edu.