While in the midst of a health crisis leading to a recession, we turn to our Nation’s leader for Answers. Coincidentally, during this pandemic we are also voting for our Nation’s next leader. This article talks about current factors between now, leading up to the election that can yield unprecedented results for the economy. The Author of this article describes this period of time as “one of the most dangerous months in recent memory” America has entered.

As election day approaches, so does many other distracting factors that the US is facing. President Trump and many others political officials tested positive shortly after the ceremony at the White House Rose Garden to introduce Amy Barret as the new justice. Such events posed an effect to the economy as The Dow Jones plummeted over 500 points this past Tuesday, shortly after President Trump contracted Covid before the weekend. Since then, The Dow has made a rise of over 550 points after the President tweeted about relief measures.

Additionally, there is still a virus that are affecting economic, social and health of Americans. During this time the economy is unpredictable in the short run. On election day the president elect will impact the economy, companies and the stock market. I believe many voters are trying to make the best of this recession by surviving, being able to afford living cost and seeking employment. Citizens will vote on the candidate they believe will bring America back to its feet.



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