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Amazon has announced that they will increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour for its United States workers. This will include part-time workers and those hired through temporary agencies. The new wages will apply to more than 250,000 Amazon employees including even employees at the grocery chain Whole Foods, and more than 100,000 seasonal employees that will be hired for the holiday season. This goes into effect on November 1st. They had previously stated that the average hourly wage, including stock and incentive bonuses for full-time workers, was more than $15 per hours, but it had not displayed any information about the average hourly wage for part-time workers and contract workers. Amazon was criticized for the poor wages and conditions of its workforce especially at the fulfillment centers. Workers at Whole Foods have made a push to organize a union.

The company will also announce the location for its second headquarters. Amazon says that this will lead to the employment of 50,000 highly-paid workers. This move is expected to generate billions of dollars in tax breaks from state and local government.

Online shopping has led to many retailers such as Toys “R” Us and Sears to close stores and lay off employees across the country. On the other hand, jobs at the warehouses and sorting centers that move Amazon’s goods have boomed. It has 575,000 employees around the world. This has led to highly-skilled tech workers in Seattle making over $100,000 and warehouse employees earning lower wages.

Amazon also announced the minimum pay increase in London by £10.50 and £9.50 around Britain. This will affect 17,000 Amazon employees and more than 20,000 seasonal workers there.


This article was created on Oct. 2, 2018. 


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