Apple for the people?

Marcellus Morris


Breaking news 3:53 PM Wed April 15, 2020

Apple releasing a new budget friendly iPhone

After years of prices skyrocketing, Apple has decided to calm down for once. The company is releasing a phone with a price of $399. The new phone price compared to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max is a drastic difference. The 11 is $699 and Pro Max $1099. The new phone is called the SE (released in 2016) is smaller than the newest iPhones, but it has the processor that is in the 11 Pro. It will also have 4k videos, a Retina HD display, and a home button that enables TouchID. The camera is said to be the best single camera that has been in an iPhone CEO Tim Cook says. Even though the phone may lack in some specs compared to the newer iPhones, the SE is budget-friendly and it holds its own with what it is given. Is it a chance for Apple to control everyone's phone? Maybe, I don't know. But the reintroduced SE being at the price it is will draw in customers who may have not been able to afford the iPhone before. It will most likely bring in more consumers along with the other consumers that are waiting for the products Apple hasn't unveiled yet.



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  • Not quite of good of deal as Apple's $999 monitor stand, but a step in the right direction. :-)

    It will be interesting to see if they set the price point and limitations correctly to prevent too many of their customers from switiching to  the budget version. 

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