In this article, it simply gives a overview of Joe Biden's economic plan to make America more "affordable." Biden is someone who has expressed his concern for the middle class and has plans of growing the middle class- both financially and socially. This article points out that Biden is not looking for a "revolution", but promises reasonable change within the country. According to Pew Research, the United States has a relatively smaller middle class than other prospering economically. This means that the middle class is struggling financially to recover, especially in the US. As far as healthcare, Biden plans to continue and build on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The rate of people who are unisured rose 8.9% to 9.2% over a year span, in 2018-2019. Although Biden believes in protecting the ACA, he does not believe in providing ObamaCare to all citizens.  He believes that providing each and every citizen with ObamaCare would put the economy in debt. Mathmatically speaking, if the US was 100% ObamaCare it would cost the government over $30 trillion over a 10 year span. Biden also plans to raise $4 trillion in additional revenue over the decade. His has many plans on raising and lowering taxes, but his overall goal is to propose a tax increase on those with higher income. In another effort to save citizens money and take them out of debt, Biden has a student debt plan. This student debt plan erases all undergraduate federal student debt, for those who make up to $125,000. He is showing that he understands that the middle class is going through a difficult time financially and it would be almost impossible to pay those debts back. Biden has many plans to economically help the United States, but his main goal is "revitalizing the middle class and making it more racially inclusive."

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