Biden's views on Global Trade

With the presidential election happening, it sets the concern of what are the views of our future president in regards to not only the US Economy, but the Global Economy? With Trump as a president, he has been very aggressive and has demanded for what he believes will benefit the US. Now that Joe Biden is the President Elect, he has different views. Biden is a supporter of free trade and believes Trump's tariffs are “damaging” and “reckless”. Biden wants the foreign policy to accommodate the middle class. He believes that the middle class is the people who should mainly benefit from trade. In relation to trading with China, Biden thinks they should be held accountable for the way they trade. Although Europe and the US agree the trade agreement with China is unfair, no one has felt the need to do anything about it. Biden, on the other hand, feels it is his job to hold them accountable. With Biden’s son having close connections to empowered Chinese personnel, it makes it an easier task for him to negotiate. Biden wants trade to not be as much of a competition, but more of an open friendship where everyone helps others. The issues/concerns a lot of people are having is that is other countries will not take the US serious if they are not strong and put up a strong front. Not every country is going to want to trade with a country who believes trade is an “open friendship”. 

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