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Well Everyone, I might as well keep the train going with Cryptocurrency since my knowlegde on the subject matter has been enlightened. There was a reason why I did not give too much information on market caps and coin prices during my presentation on Wednesday. The numbers have been changing and this CNN article is in line with how I feel about the subject matter. Even though I think this digital currency concept is very fascinating, I am not totally convinced on investing my money into it just yet. Now when I was writing my portion of the research paper, as of October 18, 2018, Bitcoin was at 6,356.83 per coin. Now, within a matter of a few weeks, Bitcoin, as of today, November 30th, is 3,975.81 per coin. That is damn near a 37.5% drop in value. The crazy thing is, no matter what is happening currently, these coins are not going anywhere. Whether we want this to happen or not, digital currency will be the way of the future. And with the SEC keeping a close watch on everthing, its only a matter of time. I do agree with the article that this is the same craze that took place when the internet exploded. People made money in the beginning and the minute stock prices dropped, people got scared and started selling. But the true believers, sat back and waited, then bought up that stock being sold and look, the rest is history! Google, Internet Explorer, etc...As I said, I may not be on board 100% but I do believe that even thought the craze is falling very quickly, and people are scared and having doubts, it will come back up. So,

My question is, Do you believe that this could be the perfect time to try and invest in cryptocurrency or do you believe that this is really just a fad and that these coins will disappear and will never be able to replace our good old fashion dollar bill?

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