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Business Forecasting-Presentations

Last night, 18 Business Forecasting (ECON 3343 & ECON 6635)  students, seen in the picture below, presented their projects in front of their classmates.

There were many interesting data sets, and many good discussions on the forecasting performances of their models. By using Rob J Hyndman and George Athanasopoulos 's Forecasting: Principles and Practice textbook (available online https://otexts.org/fpp2/  ) 

and  learning & using R-Studio (and fpp2 package), all of them managed to apply their skills on their original data sets, where they used different  forecasting techniques such as Exponential Smoothing Model and ARIMA models. 

Based on their findings, we decided to buy cocoa, and sell Indian Ruppe now. We were reluctant to invest on shrimp and beef market, though! and definitely we decided we should rent a condo in NY! and sell any house we might have in SF; and no make any investment on Bitcoin! 

I cannot wait to read their papers! :)

I wish all of them all the best.

(Nice Job, Guys! Thank you for a great semester. )



These are the topics of their presentations:

Forecasting Waterflow ​Salmon River -  Pineville, New York​

Forecasting Analysis:​ New York Condo Prices​

Forecasting Analysis​ Bitcoin Price​

Forecasting Analysis- USD To Indian Rupee

Us Civilian Unemployment Rate Forecasting​

Forecasting Average Monthly New England Gas Price ​

Forecasting U.S. Electric And Gas Utility Production​

Forecasting John F. Kennedy International Airport Air Passenger Traffic​

Forecasting Analysis:​ Global Price Of Cocoa​

San Francisco Housing Bubble 

EURO/USD Analysis ​

Historical Climate Change: Uganda​

Indian Rupee To Us Dollar​

Forecasting Analysis​ U.S. Miles​

Forecasted Global Price Of Shrimp

Forecasting The Global Price Of Beef​

Forecasting Unemployment Rate In Washington-Arlington-Alexandria ​

Forecasting Analysis: Household Energy Prices​








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