This article discusses how China's exports have been up 11% since last October. and their surplus with both the U.S. and rest of world is continuing to increase as well. It states that they have beat their expectation for the seventh month straight. They have continued to export medical equipment and PPE to other countries throughout the pandemic. This article leads me to a lot of different questions on whether or not China can continue with this growth due to the pandemic. Many countries have relied on them to manufacture goods and since they were able to open back up especially with an online presence, they have been able to continue exporting. It will be interesting to see if the U.S. in particular, during their trade war with China, will continue to rely on them for the necessary goods that are needed right now or if they will try to find different and possibly cheaper outlets to get them from. I also believe that China could begin to see greater competition in the trading economy as other countries get a handle on knowing what goods to create and how to do it cheaply during this time. If that is the case, how will China compete with them and contrinue to be the main export of these importants goods/services. 

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