Covid 19 Impact on Education System

I am sharing this article to tell the impact of COVID on the education and what problems have it caused. Being an international student I personally have faced this so can relate to this article most. In USA around 6% of the total student population consists of international students and COVID has affected them the most. From the month of March most of the schools all over the world shut down due the spread and preventive measures were taken to tackle this situation. But this has not only impacted the students by not continuity of the studies, the experience of learning in the class and the personal touch of the teacher being present it has adversely affected the teachers also which consist of almost 70% females. The impact can been seen in the number of people unemployed in which women forms a bigger part as most of them were employed in the education sector. This closure of the schools and the colleges have impacted the government earnings as well specially in the US as it has prevented the students from taking the positives of learning abroad such as international exposure, meeting professionals and working with people all over the world due to which we can see number of visa approved in this time is almost 30% lower than the previous year and the revenue from the education sector has taken a hit as well.

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