Date, Chicken or Cash, and etc

Following the great article of Dr. Chereau, I wanted to just post a quick note that the things I read/ listened in summer  before I forget!

You need to listen this short Planet Money podcast to understand why you need an economist to learn how to find a date. Very funny stuff :) I am really amazed by it:

Second one is more serious but a question we need to discuss. Bill Gates decides to make a big donation to Africa and improve their life standards. The way he chose was to give them CHICKENS!!!! Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Maybe it would be better if they asked to an economist in advance because it can turn out a waste of money! Is it better to give them CASH?

(Chris Blattman of the University of Chicago talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about whether it's better to give poor Africans cash or chickens and the role of experiments in helping us figure out the answer. Along the way he discusses the importance of growth vs. smaller interventions and the state of development economics.)

The discussion is serious! read his piece here:

and more is later...

like my University of New Haven - Prato campus trip in Italy, the possibility of  teaching "WINE ECONOMICS" course next summer in Prato, unforgettable ferry trip in Como lake to Bellagio in Milan, and lazy but peaceful summer in hometown Ankara, Turkey where the days are dry-hot and nights are cool and quite.


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