I would like to share this article that examines a group of the US demographic that has been hit the hardest during COVID-19.

Generally, an economy is made up of many wealth groups. Unfortunely, a pandemic does not hit all demograpics the same. In this article, research has shown that one in every four adults within the United States have trouble paying their bills since the coronavirus outbreak. Besides that, one-third of the population has dipped into their savings and retirement accounts and one-eight of the population needed assistance by borrowing loans from family or friends. Within the lower class, different demographics have been hit harder than others. For example, young adults, classified as 18-29 year olds, have a higher unemployment rate ranging from 15-25%. Other demographics within the US that have been hit harder are the racial minorities of the US. Another demographic that has been hit differently has been the formally educated and the demographic that doesnt obtain a higher education degree. As the road to recovery is still in progress, it is important to understand that COVID-19 may have affected us all but it doesn't mean COVID-19 has economically hit us the same.


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