Effect on Europe Market after US eletion

Article : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-07/biden-win-with-undecided-senate-flips-european-market-s-outlook

As USA is the global leader in technology and other sectors the election results would bring change all over the world. With the presidency in line and the difference in the ideas of the Democratic and Republican who ever would have come in  the power will also affect the Europe market as well. Now Since Biden won the election we could see a drastic shift in the Europe market. Since the control of the Senate still in question and most people speculating that Republican would come this shift the market even more. According the investor point of view since the Democratic won it would lead to increased fiscal stimulus and support for alternative power, along with higher corporate taxes and possibly legislation that hurt drug companies. But with the divide the government with Republican on Senate the investors are reversing the bets. European technology, consumer and health-care sectors were among the top gainers following the election, while shares in more cyclical industries -- banks and energy -- declined. This marks a significant shift in market favorites, after tech stocks had slumped 12% in the two months leading up to the vote. This shows how the effects of change in one country affects the economy of the second.

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