Unfortunately as a nation, a great number of businesses are letting a lot of employers go. These employers are mothers, fathers, neighbors, and people just simply trying to make a living and survive. Because of this economic shutdown, our country has been experiencing a lot of misfortune. To put it in simpler terms, say someone is employed at a restaurant as a server, regulations are required by the government to close all dine in options. This affects any type of worker involved with dining in. This is just one example of many businesses who are limiting who comes in and out of the building. The people in America who have  sadly lost their employment over the last month, is estimated to reach all of the employment generated since the end of the last recession over mid-2009. The New York Times statistically has proven that there has been an exponential decay in jobs removing seventeen million people from their place of work. Obviously this is causing the unemployment rate to skyrocket resulting in a high demand for unemployment benefits from the government. A new study of small businesses by academic economists showed that if it lasts for another four months, about a third of restaurant and store owners felt they could handle the crisis. Around 72% of all businesses were likely to stay open within the month, however as the pandemic proceeds by the sixth month they are predicted to fall to about 38%. Our government must remain methodical and shrewd when dealing with this immense matter. It will take an incredible amount of strategic and careful organization to help restore jobs and our economy.

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  • I think that most business now, if they haven't yet should get more involved with todays digital age.  Now people are buying things online and picking them up in stores.  By doing this it would save a lot of businesses from going under.  Also after quarentine is over they should continue to do this so that they can keep up with the compitition of other companies such as amazon.

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