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The article posted by the Financial Times (link below) discusses the weak 3rd quarter that was experienced not just in the US economy, but  across almost  the entire global economy. The article looks at the reasons for this decline in growth and why economies are falling short of projected growth numbers such as growing trade tensions between the U.S. and the rest of the world, nautral disasters in Japan, struggles in the German auto industry, and a general decline in overall consumer confidence. The article looks at evidence of declines in economic growth rates like 0.2% in Germany, 0.3% in Japan, 0.2%  in the Eruozone and overall projections of further slowing of the economy by agencies such as Moody's and  attempts to determine whether this is just a hiccup or a trend that will lead to a tough 2019. The G20 summit is scheduled to meet soon in Buenos Aires and it will be interesting to see if they approach the summit with optimism for the future of the global economy or with a need to prepare for a rocky 2019 and a potential recession. Do you think the economic struggles of this last quarter was just blip on an otherwise positive 2018, or the beginning of a dark and extended down period for the global economy?



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