Global Economic Platform Based on Blockchain Technology


Currently in the business world, cryptocurrencies are the foundation for the anonymous and cross-border transactions.  As the world evolves more into digital, technological era with sophisticated systems, cryptocurrencies will be the future of world trading.   During this time, there is no organization that can participate in the process of cryptocurrency trading.  Apparently, the trading volume of the cryptocurrency market is currently at $300 billion, and it is expected to reach $1 trillion by mid-2020 and $10 trillion into 2025.  It can allow large trading volume which is an opportunity for companies, corporations and traders to make profit from spreads and growth in the market.  This results in all major companies and corporations in the world to create a specialized research department to make profits in the financial markets.

Due to the potential of the financial sector many large companies and corporations such as Eco Finances Group are attracted to participate in the growing market.  Since 2010, the Group has expanded and focused its operations to the financial field.  The management of Eco Finances Group decided to expand the business market to financial and related financial products when they recognized the potential and strong growth potential of the financial industry in the future.  Eco Finances is confident they will thrive in the financial fields in the future because of its huge foundation and support from their skilled financial expert.  This shows the right direction for the company is to focus solely on developing core products and strengths of Eco Finance.  Therefore, the potential of Eco Finances in the market is enormous and with the desire it will become a major player in the financial field by 2030. 



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