How the election is affecting the economy

This article is about how a contested election is affecting the economy. The economy at the moment is being looked at that the recovery being made is a "K shaped recovery". This means that the upper class is doing better off than those at the bottom who continue to struggle. It is believed by some that the senate control is at least as important as the White House. Under a narrow Republican Senate majority, we would expect no major tax increases but also a fiscal stimulus package of less than $1 trillion. The uncertainty of the economy may even push the FED to put its own stimulus into play. In terms of the election it is noted that whoever wins will probably be met with congressional resistance on anything transformational, whether on the budgetary or regulatory front. This would mean that no matter who wins there will be set backs till this pandemic is handled. 

I believe that this article not only tackles the 2020 election but also the pandemic impacts on the economy. From what needs to be done in order to help the middle class during the pandemic to what impacts the 2020 election is making on people. I believe that there are a lot of great points brought up with views from others in it. By the end of the article one can see that there is much to take into consideration with everything going on in the economy.


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