How the US Election Will Impact the Economy

With the passing of the United States election, besides waiting to see who will become the next president many people are looking to see what the future of the United States economy will be. One of the main reasons that many, if not all foreign nations look and focus their attention to the United States during our election season is because of foreign trade agreements and our stock market. Depending on how an election goes, the next president usually passes trade agreements with other foreign nations to try and help stimulate the economy of both countries as much as possible. Because of this many foreign nations try to be friendly and courteous to try and get better deals, but that is not to say that the United States does not have to do the same thing at some point. The stock market, though it is not directly related to the United States government affairs, the stock market in the United States is affected by events that happen within the United States. The stock market is usually unstable, but there is a high chance of change within the stock market during events such as elections, because based on the policies a president wants to enact will guide people to invest in stocks in certain ways.



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