How to be prepared for the next stock market crash...

As I was searching for topics to post, I found a good one that has been on the general public's mind for years now (or at least the people who felt the pain of the crash of 2008). "When is the next stock market crash?" I also found a ton of different articles of people predicting the next crash and why they think it will crash sooner rather than later. But the truth is that people have been doing exactly that for years now and the market continues to hit new highs with some minor corrections along the way. If you were to have this way of thinking, you would've missed out on a ton of investment opportunities. Personally, I am a bull, I do think the market will continue to raise before it falls again. But that being said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a crash before it happens and this article from Forbes is a good one explaining exactly how to do that. It goes on to explain the importance of having an investment plan and sticking to it and that it is one of the best ways to pull the emotional/panic selling out of the equation. It really depends on when you need the capital that you initially invest and how to diversify your portfolio in order to minimize harsh downturns. Corrections and crashes have been and always will be a part of the stock market, it’s the nature of the beast. Being proactive is much better than reactive and hoping for the best but preparing for the worst is exactly how you have to look at the stock market as we continue to climb to new record highs.

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