The article I chose is about what airlines are doing about their on-board food sales. A company, called Imperfect Foods, from Austin Texas, is helping people who miss travel so much delivering airplane food right to your doorstep. They service all 50 states ( and hope to go globally soon) and are targeting to rid food waste by distributing airline food that’s not being used due to fewer people traveling these days. Ponder this as Dr. Seuss would have said during this time we are going through “Oh, the places you’ll not go!” The Coronavirus pandemic has put an economic hindrance on the travel and hospitality industry. Even the inflight snacks are being economically affected. One company Terra Chips, its main customer is Jet Blue who buys their blue potato chips.  The offerings rotate from the different airlines; an example is gourmet mixed cheese with dried cranberries and crackers from Jet Blue’s menu. The cheese tray in customers' minds was never something memorable people just want to make like they are on a vacation because we can’t go on them so, this can be the next best safest option.  

Imperfect foods seemed like they had a crystal bal because after the holiday travel in 2019, at the start of 2020 almost two months before we had a global pandemic this catering and airplane meal supplying company said they saw a major decline in the economy and in business-class plain seats. The company jumped right onto this concept of delivering airplane food to your doorsteps when the pandemic went global. 

Economically speaking, the company has sold over 160,000 cheese and snack trays from various airlines. Consumers are hungry for more. They have since branched out to include food from hotels and restaurants. 


Some examples of what Imperfect food is doing with hotels and restaurants they things like taking hotels pineapples and repackaging them for consumers at fair prices, they are doing the same for popcorn kernels that were set on route to be movie theater popcorn and broccoli that was going to mass producing restaurants. Since the beginning of the pandemic in March, Imperfect Foods had doubled the quantity of food it was buying. 


According to Jet Blue the airline has drastically decreased it in flight food and beverage services to minimize the need to take off your mask during the flight, to lessen your chance of spreading the Coronavirus. According to most airlines they have temporarily suspended the sails of onboard food and beverage purchases. 

One airline was donating leftover inventory of snacks to Feeding America and other food banks as well as hospitals until this service started picking up airlines as clients. Jet Blue has worked with Imperfect Foods to sell to consumers there snacks like their cheese trays at heavily discounted prices to minimize waste.  Delta airlines has done the same with it’s Biscoff cookies, on a non-Covid day it serves between 80-85 million of these gingerbread shortbread cookies each year. At United it's an international snack the Dutch stroopwafels have been collecting because this company hasn’t invested in them yet. Southwest airlines tiny pretzels are sold as well by this company. What airlines don’t sell through Imperfect Foods get sent to donation programs each airline has in place. Southwest Airlines has donated more than $400,000 in snacks and other in-flight items to nonprofit organizations and close to 15 18 wheelers full of groceries to 15 food banks that are part of the Feeding America Food Bank system. Delta has donated 500,000 pounds of food around the world since the start of the pandemic, mainly to front line workers and hospitals. United Airlines has donated around 173,000 pounds of food so far to food banks and charities there main food bank is the Houston Food Bank which they have donated so far, about 428,000 pounds of food. 


Looking for international airplane food? Well look no further Israel’s El AL Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and other international carriers flying out of Tel Aviv are offering their inflight meals as a low cost delivery opinion. United Airlines is serving up their Dutch stroopwafels for delivery at your doorstep. United has also posted on their website some recipes for using their on-board snacks. The Indonesian airline, Garuda Indonesia has been selling their on-board meals called Fly with Meals.; these come complete with the plastic utensils so you can have an authentic inflight experience. Jet Blue’s best selling French cheese trays with nuts and dried fruit are now available at half the price. Lastly, the on-board catering company, Gate Gourmet, has been selling frozen economically feasible meals directly to the public in grocery stores in Australia. Gate Gourmet is the provider of such meals to Virgin Australia, Qantas Airlines; this company also offers it's meals to various other international airlines flying from Australia, Asia, and the South Pacific. 


If you're missing flying or traveling, look no further; you can get inflight meals delivered directly to your doorstep at a fraction of what you would normally pay for them on the airline. In addition to this, you are bettering the economy with each airline snack purchase by supporting the companies that would otherwise, more than likely go bankrupt due to lack of sales. 

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