Howard Moskowitz Can Save Trump's Campaign

For anyone still riding the Trump train, one must admit things have started to get a little bit ridiculous. From calling Obama the literal institutional founder of ISIS to comparing his business empire to serving our country in the military, the Don has made some questionable PR moves. Our old friend Howard Moskowitz, whom the Economics Department hosted last year for a talk, has some ideas as to how to save his campaign, particularly among the African American community. Howard's technology, materialized through Mind Genomics, crunches data to find the best possible outcomes based off certain preferences. For instance, Howard found that Black voters respond strongly to notions of lowering taxes and creating jobs, yet talking about repealing Obamacare would be a disastrous move. Right now, 45% of the Black community supports Clinton while 5% supports Trump. To capitalize on the huge population of Black voters, perhaps Donald should lend an ear to Mr. Moskowitz:

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