With increasing news of a covid Vaccine the Global economic outlook looks positive. With Pfizer and Moderna claiming 94% effectiveness and Russia also claiming a vaccine with 95% effectiveness. There are now a few questions we need to ask ourselves. Who will get them first? Are there any side effects? WHo will get the Vaccine first? Now onto my point. As with a vaccine coming closer and closer the global economy should pick back up especially if these vaccines actually have 95% effectiveness. With limitations being rolled back many industries will reopen and business should restart as normal right? The impact of the covid 19 pandemic cannot be denied. MAny economies have been crippled all across the world and those hardest hit will struggle for months and years even with a comply reopen economy. Unemployment is high all across the world all of those jobs were lost and just because everything opens back up doesn't mean all these jobs will just magically appear. We face a new challenge just as large as the pandemic itself, fixing the mess it made in its wake. A vaccine will hopefully stop the pandemic in its tracks but we have a long road to full recovery ahead of us. 





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