Inflation Is High But Numbers Say Otherwise

The article talks about how the inflation statistics the government have are much lower than the actual real-life statistics on inflation. The pandemic has affected the way inflation has come to be. The inflation in the country of the United States has fluctuated and since increased as the pandemic continues. The impact of inflation has affected Americans, but also the poor too. People are constantly purchasing more essentials and groceries since the pandemic began. When more people buy products, the price of those products increase. When the price of goods and essential items increase, it may be harder for others to purchase them. Many Americans will only purchase items when they are on sale, or at a discounted price. The pandemic has impacted the amount of discounts and sale priced items that are on the market. With a reduced amount of discounts, people are somewhat forced to spend more on what they usually do. Not only the prices have gone up on items but the quality of the services have also become cheaper, or lower on the quality side. In my opinion, I can relate to the article in the sense that living during a pandemic has definitely been different. There are many things that have changed due to the way the pandemic has been laid out so far. 

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