The big question that many of our federal and state government representatives are currently working towards finding an answer to, is when exactly the U.S economy should be set to fully reopen. This is an issue that has been posed since both sides of the governments made the initial decision to close all nonessential businesses, and now with the unemployment rate and economic markets declining dramatically it seems that it is in the country's best interest to reopen the economy as soon as possible. However, with COVID-19 still being very much the pandemic that it was about a month ago, and with the cases and deaths continuing to increase at a dramatic rate, is opening the economy a bigger concern than risking the potential infection and deaths of many more American people? On one side of the spectrum, we have where the failing economy is starting to become more and more noticeable. With inidividuals and businesses alike pulling their own money out of stocks and investment like bonds we are seeing the federal reserve pick up a lot more of the slack by purchasing both business assets and investring its own money into the economic market to keep it afloat. In addition to this we have the one trillion dollar stimulus package that was signed by congress in an effort to not only provide state state relief, but also relief to those individuals who will be directly affected due to their jobs closing, or those who are disables and who do not have the means to buy essentials to keep them at home or safe. Due to this the government itself is now in a pretty bad spot themselves, and logicaly so. With the governments ability to tax limited and with funds already scarce, how can a government continue to fund relief for its people if the pandemic lasts longer than expected. The president and his administration are pushing hard for the economy to reopen and the only reasoning for this can be none other than our lovely presidents strong will for us to continue to be one of the top economic power. Suprisingly, many of the state governments have been giving a significant amount of push back, and with the reason that they do not want to risk the lives and well being of their own people in reopening the economy. One must take into consideration that COVID-19 is spread much more rapidly through contact and when individuals are in close quarters. Therefore with bringing individuals back to work and having individuals be in much more heavy contact puts everyone at risk, and being that the workforce is filled with people of all ages and all walks of life, no one knows for certain who the virus will affect much more severely. Although the states have recognized the need for the economy to function as it once did, they prefer to keep their economy healthy by keeping the people who contribute to it healthy. I personally agree with states sucvh as New York who value the worker and the people more than the economy, and in my opinion I believe it is imerative thast the economy stay shut until the worst of COVID-19 is over.

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