Latest Jobs Report

The October jobs report was just released with encouraging statistics. It has been feared that we are entering a recession. In the latest report, unemployment did rise slightly to 3.6% but 128,000 jobs were created. The rise in unemployment was due to new job seekers. I think it's great that people who had left the labor market are not re-entering and looking for jobs. That is a positive for the economy. The United Autoworker strike from GM didn't even have the effect on the jobs report that were expected. I hope that we are learning for our past mistakes and preparing ourselves to fight off an economic downturn. Economists keep believing that a recession is on the horizon but it keeps getting moved out.

We've been at full employment for a while now and the economy has continued to grow (although it may be a growth recession). While an economic downturn will eventually happen, do you think we have learned from our mistakes in 2008 and have better prepared ourselves from experiencing another major recession and that's why we continue to grow?

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