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Don't make these 2 big investing mistakes

Apparently I am not investing my money until I am over 25.  -AL

investment mistake

The biggest losers in the investing world typically do two things wrong: they hoard cash and they trade a lot of stocks.

The stock market had a terrific year in 2014, yet nearly a quarter of investors still managed to lose money, according to Openfolio, a website and app that allows investors to share and compare their portfolio with others.


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Below, entrepreneur Jon Yarbrough's describes to Forbes magazine how he started his business with a lonely foosball table and turned it into a wealthy career.  Yarbrough envisioned that he would be able to develop his own leasing business with his wits and education.  But, his success was partly built out of luck.  The same time that Congress was changing laws on gaming, the Native American casinos were looking for new Class II machines - which was just the type that Yarbrough was creating.  See

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