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IMF forecast pointing to recession in 2020

Chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, Mark Zandi, says risk of global recession is awfully high if something doesn’t stick to script. He also mentioned that even if we don’t have a recession over next 12-18 months, we are going to have much weaker economy. His stick to script includes

  1. U.S. President Donald Trump not escalating trade war with China
  2. U.K. finding a resolution to Brexit
  3. Central banks having monetary stimulus

Chief executive of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, says “Of course there is a rec

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Brexit Deal Has the Backing of E.U. Leaders. What Happens Now? 

The 27 other members of the European Union agreed on Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal for her country to separate from the European Union. This brings Britain one step closer to officially Brexit from the E.U.  However there are several obstacles left for Britain to Brexit. May will have to take the deal to the parliament and receive support from lawmakers who both support and disapprove of Brexit. Next, Lawmakers will ne

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Brexit Plans Won't Work

On September 20th 2018, the New York Times published an aritcle that details how difficult the remaining EU members are making Brexit talks. Many EU members are sympatheic to the U.K. while others are almost being vindicitve toward the country. 

Prime Minister Theresa May proposed a plan called the "Chequers Plan" which calls for free trade between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which would resolve customs issues. This plan, and its economic impacts further divided many leaders in the European Uni

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Irish hard border problem - Brexit

             One of the main talking points of the Brexit is to avoid a hard border between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The EU presented a draft divorce deal to the UK which Theresa May has come out to categorically oppose saying “No UK prime minister would accept this deal”. According to the legal proposal in the draft treaty, Northern Ireland will form a “common regulatory area” with the Republic of Ireland and will have to follow the EU’s rules and rates on customs, sales tax, s

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Citigroup Deals With Brexit

Citigroup in the EU

            Citigroup is making a move to keep a presence in the European Union. They have a presence in London already. However, since Britain has been moving toward what many are calling “Brexit”, the multinational bank has decided to move some of the employees from this London location to a location in Frankfurt. This marks an important management decision to keep the ability to operate and provide services in the European Union should they tighten the regulations with Brit

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Feed the Surfers?

A provoking interview by Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister in Syriza government in 2015; and an economist, game theorist. 

Should we pay to surfers in CA because they do not want to work and we enjoy to work? Do not say NO before reading the interview.

It can create some discussion for the investment-saving relationship as well.



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