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China Doubles Down on Economic Globalization

At the opening plenary of the World Economic Forum’s 13th Annual Meeting of the New Champions, Li Keqiang, Premier of the People’s Republic of China shared “Countries rely on each other’s markets. No country can single-handedly provide all resources … or offer all needed goods to consumers. Nor can any country sustain its development in isolation from the global system.” (, 2019) With an open economy, there are many rules and regulations which ultimately have an affect on

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China's Low Economic Growth & Global Impact

An article written in the Los Angeles times discusses how China’s economic growth is at the lowest it’s been in 26 years. It is said that the current tariff war between the US and China is not helping the situation. China’s economy grew 2% less than it did last quarter with a growth rate of 6.2% compared to 6.4%. In addition, quarterly growth was the lowest since 1993 when China began reporting it.

“The burden to support the family is fairly heavy.” A Chinese citizen named Qiu explained. Weak tra

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Student's Opinion/Summary: 

The article is a reminder that the United States, under the Trump Administration, is playing closer to an isolationist strategy than as a global leader and promoter of trade in recent decades. The article ends with the already high tariff talley US has imposed on China ( that is only going to increase 25% beginning Jan. 1, 2019) The article also goes on to talk about how Trump is not willing to even talk to President Xi about trade if they don't "respond to our asks,"

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Apple Caught in Trade War

Anthony DiCioccio

Capstone 1

Week 4 Event


            Apple, the Goliath of the technological community has found itself in the middle of an international trade war between China and the US. Last week the Trump administration announced its plan to impose a ten percent tariff on all goods imported from China, creating two hundred billion dollars in revenue. It plans to raise the tariff to twenty-five percent by the end of the year, which is bad news for Apple. The company designs its produ

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Though at the moment, China has faced an embarrassed economic situation: low growth rate, even negative growth rate. This article gives me some new views to release me worries. I know once which country losses the dominant role of this competitive international environment, which means it losses the future. I still hold very positive attitude towards China's future.

Recently China is undergoing a continuing slowdown in exports, but China is still the most essential country of exporting container

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China, being part of the BRICS, is expected to grow into a industrialized powerhouse. Chain is the strongest performer of the BRICS, concerning GDP and PPP results. It is also expected to out preform the US economy by 2050. Because of globalization and other circumstances, China's growth projection by experts was lower than reality. If this uptrend continues we may see China as the worlds largest economy before 2050.

What you should know,

The international monetary fund (IMF) has recently stated "

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China one of top 3 destinations for expats

Expat, short for expatriate, is a person who lives in one country for a while, even though they were raised in another nation.  Many people are moving to China to take advantage of the low costs of living and to personally make their money go further.  According to this article, 25% of expats make more than $300,000 a year.  Switzerland is the top expat destination due partly to the quality of education found there.  -AL

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For most of us living in the US, it is not a big deal to be living in an almost (!)  free market economy. However, it was a huge movement for some countries. China was one of them. It was 1978 when China introduced the new economic reforms and moved to mixed economy from centrally planned economy. But what was the driving source behind of this decision? NPR Planet Money’s #337 episode explains it in a very movie-scene background and interviewed the real “hero” behind the closed doors. Yes, once

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