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"One of the hallmarks of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has been that it cannot be used against a foreign official who demands or takes a bribe for helping a company win a contract or retain business.

A bill introduced in Congress this month seeks to change that. Called the Foreign Extortion Prevention Act, the legislation would expand the prohibition on bribery to foreign officials who demanded or solicited bribes.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act’s prohibition on paying bribes abroad is limi

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Finance Minister of India Mr. Arun Jaitley announced a massive Rs.6.92 lakhs crore infrastructure spending and another Rs.2.11 lakh crore for bank re-capitalization to strengthen Indian economy as the economy was weakened to 5.7% in the April-June 2017 quarter due to demonetization and implementation of new taxation system called GST (Gross Sales Tax).

The cabinet headed by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, passed the proposal of Rs. 6.92 lakh crore investment in building 83,677 km of road over t

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I have been reading some articles about regional economic integration and I do believe that it helps the globe with trade. The issues that really stood out with regional economic integration was having one currency between the countries that are trading. When Greece had their financial crisis recently they had a hard time trying to bail out, because they were using the Euro as their official currency. Using the Euro did not help, because Greece could not have any say in their monetary policy, wh

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