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A new piece of protectionism legislation aimed to take effect on July 1st of this year will now require that all computers and mobile devices sold in Russia will need to have pre-installed Russian software. This would require foreign companies to now pre-install a web browser developed by Yandex alongisde other applications. What this would mean is increaed costs for licensing fees and technological developments at the companies' expense. This new piece of legislation will affect companies such

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Is 45 the new old age in the workplace?

This is crazy because 45 years old is not old at all. And to think that the age of retirement is increasing means that a huge age group will be discrimated against in the work place for years on end.  Which is entirely unfair to those who are still raising families and saving for retirement.  -AL

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At what age are you washed up? Maybe earlier than you think.

There's been no shortage of press about how older workers face discriminatio

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