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Report: Goldman Sachs explores trading operation

Goldman Sachs is reportedly exploring a new trading platform specifically for cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin. A spokeswoman for the bank said in a statement, "In response to client interest in digital currencies, we are exploring how best to serve them in this space."

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Q2 GDP Revised to 3.1%, up 0.1%

The Department of Commerce revised second-quarter GDP growth by 0.1%, from 3.0% to 3.1%. The next-highest GDP growth rate hasn't occurred since Q3 2016 when the US posted a growth rate of 2.8%. 

GDP growth has been a major topic of discussion in both business and politics. Many believe that there's no reason that the US can't continue to post 3% or higher growth rates in the next few years. Others, however, believe that the days of significant GDP growth are over. 

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In a press conference on Tuesday, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said: "My colleagues and I may have misjudged the strength of the labor market, the degree to which longer-run inflation expectations are consistent with our inflation objective, or even the fundamental forces driving inflation." 

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Great read on current issues involving the Fed and its $4.6 trillion balance sheet.

Dick Bove, an equity research analyst at the Vertical Group, explains the problem with the Fed and how the Fed would be insolvent if it were judged as a private financial institution. Read more below:

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A concerning report from WalletHub says that US consumers will add more than $60 billion in credit card debt by the end of this year:

Are you concerned about the rise in credit card debt? How do you think this will affect our economy going forward? 

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The Business of Boxing - Mayweather vs. McGregor

Great video discussing the enormous financial aspect of the Mayweather/McGregor fight as well as boxing in general.

This link also outlines the incredible payout for both fighters.

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Retirement, start saving now!


If you think you are still "too young" to think about retirement, you are wrong. The sooner you start, the better you will be off when retired.

Why are so many Americans struggling to save for retirement?

Several things young professionals have to be aware of:

1. To receive full value of your social security you must be 67 years old. ( )

2. 401(k) plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). In 401 (k) plans you decide what percentage

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Ascent of Money

Imagine a world with NO MONEY!!

It is almost time to teach Money chapter during the semester. I would like to remind you a great documentary to share with your class: Ascent of Money.

This is the link for the first hour:  talks about the history of money, bonds, finance, and more...

"From Shylock's pound of flesh to the loan sharks of Glasgow, from the "promises to pay" on Babylonian clay tablets to the Medici banking system. Professor Ferguson explains th

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Don't make these 2 big investing mistakes

Apparently I am not investing my money until I am over 25.  -AL

investment mistake

The biggest losers in the investing world typically do two things wrong: they hoard cash and they trade a lot of stocks.

The stock market had a terrific year in 2014, yet nearly a quarter of investors still managed to lose money, according to Openfolio, a website and app that allows investors to share and compare their portfolio with others.


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I am all about fairness too.   I can see the point that Kenny Harms (a caddy), is trying to make.  But, this article is hilarious.  Many of these sponsoring corporations of the PGA make billions each year - $50 mil is probably a drop in the bucket for them.   -AL

kenny harms Golf caddie Kenny Harms (far right) is pictured with golfers Gary Player (middle) and Kevin Na (far left).

Golf caddies have a message

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Is 45 the new old age in the workplace?

This is crazy because 45 years old is not old at all. And to think that the age of retirement is increasing means that a huge age group will be discrimated against in the work place for years on end.  Which is entirely unfair to those who are still raising families and saving for retirement.  -AL

ozy old age

At what age are you washed up? Maybe earlier than you think.

There's been no shortage of press about how older workers face discriminatio

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The fall in gas prices is something to certainly be happy about, especially since gas is $3 or lower in some American states.   Car sales have increased with consumers buying SUVs and trucks.  Consumers are enjoying the low gas prices  and are taking advantage of their gas guzzling cars.  It's great that oil prices are dropping, but could this cause an increase in greenhouse gas emissions as more gallons are burned?

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Kmart opens before breakfast on Thanksgiving

The deals would have to be almost free to make me start my holiday shopping on Thanksgiving, let alone Black Friday.  Big-Box stores put their Christmas and other holiday-affiliated products onto their selves earlier each year to convince consumers that they really need all these products.   Profit is truly the goal of business.   -AL

Looking to start your holiday shopping before breakfast on Thanksgivi

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China one of top 3 destinations for expats

Expat, short for expatriate, is a person who lives in one country for a while, even though they were raised in another nation.  Many people are moving to China to take advantage of the low costs of living and to personally make their money go further.  According to this article, 25% of expats make more than $300,000 a year.  Switzerland is the top expat destination due partly to the quality of education found there.  -AL

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Many economists have studied the reasons why people find difficulty obtaining jobs.  This mainly deals with where somebody lives and the location of available jobs.  Some employers discriminate against certain applicants if they come from a "bad area."   Those searching for jobs tend to feel less hopeful when applying for jobs that are far from their residences.  -AL


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The below article explains how wealth is surpassing American's average income - which is not a good thing.  This means that Americans are soon going to find certain products more expensive to purchase than they used to be.  -AL

More household wealth in America sounds like good news, but it could also mean economic trouble.

The ratio of wealth to income has hit a recent record, according to Credit Suisse.
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