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Best Picture Prediction: Experts vs the Machine

This was going to be a contest of Experts vs. the Machine.  But I never heard back from the experts I contacted.  Except Ben Atwater.  Ben is the kid who runs the Collective.  He is also our in-house movie critic. You can see his latest reviews: Lego Batman, Godzilla, and Batman v. Superman (and there are many, many more reviews by Ben on the Collective).  Ben knows his stuff. In fact, it was Ben came up with the idea of a having a Machine vs. Experts contest.

I will represent the machine.   I h

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FED Reserve Prediction

Author: Connor Vargo

Editor: Vanessa Lopez

Prediction made on December 5th, 2016


     The United States Federal Reserve is planning to meet on December 13th and 14th to decide whether to raise, lower, or keep interest rates the same. Their decision will have a tremendous impact on the fate of the US economy. Lowering the interest rates could create economic growth while raising the interest rates could essentially slow it down. The Federal Reserve’s decisions will have a domino effect; whatever is

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Here is my prediction for the first game of the World Series.

 Mets have a 49 percent chance of winning.  The most likely score is Mets 4-3 (and there is a 4 percent we see that score).  The second most likely score is 5-3 (and we have a 3.5 percent chance of seeing that score).

In the table below is the model prediction of likely runs by the Mets and Royals.  The table lists the Expected Runs for KC and the Mets – in the box.  The percentages in the second and third row represent how likely each

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