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BMW Considers Manufacturing in US

Anthony DiCioccio

Capstone I

Week 6


            BMW AG CEO Harald Kruger has announced at the Paris Motor Show earlier this week that they will allocate more production for the US market. This move is made during a time of uncertainty both for the US and foreign automakers in the industry as no one knows how the market will be affected by the looming tariffs. The new proposed deal would require seventy-five percent of a vehicle's worth to be manufactured in North America in order to remai

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               Immediately after the election of President Trump, the unemployment rate, which had been steadily decreasing, became somewhat stagnant in all three regions. This is mostly due to the uncertainty that came with the election, but could also be understood through the recognition that the holiday season was upon us and, though the rates are seasonally adjusted, does come with some small fluctuations in employment. At the same time, the Connecticut unemployment rate has remained be

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While every town and country throughout the United States was hit hard by the 2008 recession, some areas were able to bounce back much faster than others. By March 2011, the entirety of New England was finally able to drop below that 8.0% unemployment, but left New Haven and the rest of Connecticut behind. Not until March and July 2013 did Connecticut and New Haven, respectively, get below 8% unemployment. Connecticut and New Haven have remained on the same path, but still cannot get to the N

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August Jobs Report is No Indicator of Rate Hike



Large stock selloffs indicate anticipation by investors that the Federal Reserve will start raising interest rates later this month. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the US economy added 173,000 jobs last month. This came in below expectations, although August is a month that historically comes in with lower than expected numbers. The unemployment rate dropped to 5.1%, its lowest since 2008.

These unemployment numbers may seem like good news, edging closer towards the US’s

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persistence and the land of steady habits

So the unemployment rate in Connecticut (5.4 percent) is finally thinking about beginning to think about thinking of catching up to the national average (5.3 percent); here is the department of labor report. Predictably, Harford is throwing a party; here’s Senate President Martin Looney and Senate Majority leader Bob Duff, quoted in the CT News Junkie – August 21 in a report by Christine Stuart:

“Today’s jobs report reinforces what we already knew to be true; Connecticut’s economy continues to m

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CT unemployment rate by Google

Google's Public Data Explorer gives a fast visual information about the economic and social data. It is a similar graph for CT that we obtained for New Haven area at the SCEPL Quarterly Economic Report, click here.


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Many economists have studied the reasons why people find difficulty obtaining jobs.  This mainly deals with where somebody lives and the location of available jobs.  Some employers discriminate against certain applicants if they come from a "bad area."   Those searching for jobs tend to feel less hopeful when applying for jobs that are far from their residences.  -AL



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