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Is Basic Income a necessity?

I continue posting on questioning to pay surfers and it would be a good idea or not, suggested by Dr. Varoufakis.

 I have not given a deeper thought to reach a strong conclusion since Economic Theory and Political Economy are not my primary areas, but my hope is that this blog and the video link below can create some productive discussions among us.

As all we are aware  of that the technology is/and going to take most of the jobs away.  As Dr. Yanis Varoufakis mentions in the below presentation th

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The below article explains how wealth is surpassing American's average income - which is not a good thing.  This means that Americans are soon going to find certain products more expensive to purchase than they used to be.  -AL


More household wealth in America sounds like good news, but it could also mean economic trouble.

The ratio of wealth to income has hit a recent record, according to Credit Suisse.
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