Moving Forward from COVID-19

With the current economic state of the US in shambles and no end in sight is it imperative to look forward and see how things will change to suit a lower socially interactive environment. It is important to note that While these conditions are hampering productivity it is important to use the time to plan for how to be more productive in the fire. like I said there is no end in sight and according to Berkly news“We’re definitely headed to something much deeper than the Great Recession, and comparable to the Great Depression in-depth". Things are getting worse daily the longer the workforce is not able to get to work and compared with the last time the economy plummeted, things are not looking up. later on, Berkley news stated, “What we don’t know yet is whether we’ll be able to bounce back quickly or whether it will linger on for a decade or more. … The greater extent that we can keep workers attached to their firms and keep the firms afloat, the more likely it is it will bounce back quickly". In order to make a prediction on the future of the economic welfare of the united states, we need to see the full extent of the damage. As we are not yet there, we are forced to make but limited accuracy prediction and sit tight. According to o Berkley news, on the other hand, the first step toward removing the economy is going to be public health. from this, It can be deduced that this is in a matter of fact not going to be over in any time soon. In conclusion, the future of the united states economy is wrapped in the speed of which the CDC and grasp hold of this pandemic but until then there will be rising economic instability.

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