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  • Hi Benjamin,

    I liked the article and it was interesting to read. As a swedish citizen I think it's a really bad idea to have the six hours work day, especially for nurses because we have problems to find and hire nurses and as Miss Valentino mentioned, it costs a lot of money. Instead of investing that money into the six hour work day for nurses, they should invest in improving the health care places because it really needs to be improved,, especially for elderly people. 

    This issue has been discussed a lot in Sweden and this project cost the swedish government a lot (10M swedish krona = $111,362.29) and this was for just some months. 
    I think that they should keep the 8 hours work days, just like the other jobs in Sweden and it'll cost less for the swedish companies that aree runned by the government. 

    - Verjinia

  • Hi Ben - 

    I find this article to be so interesting. I would have never thought any country would entice the idea of six hour work days. I am 50/50 in agreeing/not agreeing with this article. While I do agree that six hour work days could extend the period of time someone works in their life, it ends up costing a company more to hire additional people beyond the six hours. However, just as we are accustomed to 8 hour work days, I don't think other countries should not be doing this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Spain has something in place where their workers go home on their lunch break and nap. Now that may just be a custom for Spain, but it's quite unheard of around here. I do believe, as I stated above, that the six hour work days end up costing companies much more money in the end than if they were to just keep the employee for the full 8 hours. 

    This is a really great article and I enjoyed reading it!

    Kate Valentino

    • ... this illustrates the importance of understanding cultures when operating in the global markets.  

  • Hey Benjamin,

    I enjoyed reading the article you posted. I am curious about one thing in particular. The article mentions that it was too costly to establish 6 hour work days due to hiring extra staff to cover those hours. What I would like to know is the cost of having the nurse's originally working the normal hours. After looking at those costs, I would compare the two. What if the cost of the nurses working past the 6th hour each day was MORE than the accumulated cost of hiring the extra workers? If that is the case, then wouldn't it be in their best interest to establish 6 hour work days?

    Unfortunately, I do not have this data, but it would be interesting to see what numbers look like. Someone is going to be working past the 6th hour, and it would be ideal to have a qualified individual working, but one who would inquire less of a cost to do so. Thank you for allowing me to engage in this discussion.

    Nick Quattrock

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