As many may or may not know, the US is the only developed nation in the entire world that does not have federal legislation for paid parental leave nor does it offer any type of financial family assistance to new parents or new borns. The US offers only twelve weeks of unpaid leave but WITH job security, and that's it. Meanwhile, other developed nations like France provides family allowances every month to help children until they're 20 years-old. Finland provides maternity care packages and public daycare until the age of 7 OR paid leave for the the child's first three years of life.

According to Jessica Shortall, a nationally recognized speaker, writer, and strategist on business engagement in social impact and social/political issues, today's American work economy is disincentivizing women from having babies while the US needs to maintain an average of 2 births per woman to keep our US economy growing and thriving.

On a positive note, all of our Democratic presidential candidates stated that they are all for legislation for paid family leave at the recent November democratic presidential debate. Andrew Yang, one of the candidates stated that the lack of leave is "breaking families' backs" and that kids and families need better federal support from the beginning.  He believes employers should offer at least nine months of paid family leave to new parents or six months to a single parents whilst majority of the other candidates felt a minimum of three to six months is extremely necessary. Andrew Keshner, reporter for wrote "Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said three months of federally-mandated paid leave is feasible, and affordable for the country." 



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