Retirement, start saving now!

If you think you are still "too young" to think about retirement, you are wrong. The sooner you start, the better you will be off when retired.

Why are so many Americans struggling to save for retirement?

Several things young professionals have to be aware of:

1. To receive full value of your social security you must be 67 years old. ( )

2. 401(k) plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). In 401 (k) plans you decide what percentage of your salary is going to be contributed towards it each pay period. Your employer COULD contribute to it, but is not obligated to. It's up to them.

3. There are tax breaks available. However, the article linked above argues that the incentives are not strong enough, plus wealthy benefit while poor don't.

4. Planning your retirement is complex and many plans are confusing.

5. You have to start as soon as possible.

6. You should not depend solely on social security because (currently) the maximum you could possibly get is $2,787.80 a month if you retire at age 67. (Social security info )

"The bad news is that past policy decisions have substantially contributed to this crisis. The good news is that policies can change, if the political will exists."


Also, not only YOUR retirement is important to think about. Baby boomers ( that's 76.4 million people according to U.S. Consensus Bureau)  retirement is a huge threat on economy. More about it can be found on this website:


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