In the second quarter of the year, a record breaking GDP drops followed up with record breaking GDP growth rates in the third quarter of the year. Although this is seen as a fairly positive sign, no big economy in the world has returned to the status in which it was at prior to the outbreak of the global pandemic known as the coronavirus or COVID-19, that is except fot China. A second surge of this global pandemic is occuring, causing countries to put a pause on their plans to return to where they were previously to the coronavirus. In the month of October in the United States of America, the unemployment rate reached 6.9%. 1o million jobs were lost and would take years to recover from. A study predicts that The United Stated will not gain those jobs back until February 2022, which is over two years from now. Although the future is unknown, it is important that we work to get back to normal in a safe manor. This way we can return to jobs and we can regain the jobs we have lost due to the pandemic, allowing the economy to return to the high point it was at before.

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