Interesting piece and one of the few times I have seen anyone discuss opportunity cost in this debate.  A physician, who is not an epidemiologist but does have a background in economics, discusses the COVID vaccine distribution plans.  He makes some thought-provoking points including whether or not we should check for antibodies and place those that already have them at the back of the line.

The Current COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Out Doesn't Make Sense


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  • I think that healthcare workers, nursing home residents, and staff should be the first to receive the vaccination because they all have a higher chance of catching COVID-19 than those who work in an office building that is far from others. I do agree that we have lost sight of the concept of opportunity cost because some schools and parks are still closed down which is resulting in a loss of money that could be used to distribute the vaccination. I think that if all the kids listen and obey the COVID guidelines then schools should at least be open 2-3 days a week. As I said earlier I do agree with the ACIP in the groups that should be given the vaccination first and that should spend as much money as they can to make sure that no one else dies from this virus. I also agree with their principle 3 which is to send as many vaccinations and possible to the places where people are most likely going to die. I agree with this because it will lower our death count and it could stop the spreading of COVID-19 in that area.

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