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  • I saw this at Economist, and reminded me of you and your post. Especially check out the comments. there are couple of ones which are close to your argument:
  • Christina Hoff Somers is probably the very best at explaining the wage gap.  This video is very compelling - it would be great if more universities actually considered the points that she brings up.  She is also the author of the book, The War on Boys which makes the case that it is boys and not girls who are being neglected in the classroom.  It's a pretty interesting argument which can be seen as an extension or companion to the wage gap issue.  A quick summation of her views can be seen on this video:   The War on Boys.

    She can be seen accompanying Milo Yiannopolis to several university campuses this year on his current tour.  Do a YouTube search and you'll come up with some pretty interesting videos!

    • I also watched The War on Boys and I fully agree with everything she said. We, as a society, must understand that there IS a difference between genders. Women and men have different needs. We have to stop forcing people to change the way they are. (For example, stop bashing women for wanting to be housewives and men for not showing their emotions).

      Video on The War on Boys also made me think of many boys being "diagnosed" with ADHD, because they are "hyperactive". I can remember back in my middle-school days, most boys running around and most girls sitting or walking. Little boys have generally more energy which they HAVE to burn, otherwise they will "misbehave" during the classroom.  Stuffing children with  pills is not a solution to the "problem".  Let Kids Be Kids.

      Thank you for the reply!

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