Trade War

In this particular article I've read, it discussed the trade war between China and the U.S up until this point. Many people are uneducated on the matter of what is happening so the article aims to answer questions that are key to understanding the situation as whole. It states that the reason we are engaged in this trade war is mainly due to tariffs. Trump believes that imports from China are hurting the U.S economy in the long run. In order to combat the situation he has decided to increase the tariffs on imports from China with the hopes that American goods will be more likely to be bought thus, strengthening the American economy. Furthermore, Trump's only concern isn't with China. He is also concerned about imports from other Asian and European nations as well. China is most talked about at the moment due to the fact that is it a top economy in the world therefore the tension is significant. Personally, I do agree with Trump on the fact that these foreign imports are hurting our nations companies along with the rest of the work force, however I do not think raising tariffs is the right way to go. As Trump decides to raise tariffs, so do the other nations he raises them for. This could lead to a great imbalance in global trade if this were to continue. Economies of smaller nations are constantly effected but have little impact due to their size. In conclusion, since Trump is very stubborn on the fact that he wants a deal in place where China strongly agrees too comply, these tariffs can be in effect for awhile.
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