Joe Biden was believed to be the president-elect after winning Georgia, 2 weeks later current President Donald Trump still refuses to concede the election. Without a smooth transition of power between presidents, the country will likely suffer greatly. With a disagreement in leadership, a relief stimulus will be virtually impossible to pass. Due to COVID-19, many families currently cannot return to traditional workspaces due to health risks. The first stimulus ended months ago and some citizens are still currently unable to work. The lack of a stimulus package will greatly affect the consumer confidence index. Citizens that are unable to get a second stimulus and are feeling uneasy about the election will be unlikely to spend unnecessarily, which means less money is getting invested into the economy. Once the 2020 Election is finalized, there will likely still be a lot of civil unrest in the country as the current president still has followers that will be untrusting of the new president. This will affect their willingness to reinvest in the economy as well. Trump's unwillingness to concede the election will have effects long after he has left the Whitehouse and the United States will suffer for it.

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