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COVID-19 is taking its toll on the globe, causing illnesses, deaths , and economic despair. The human rights violations can cause conflict and other adverse impacts it has on the fragile countries. Those impacts include lower life expectancy, higher poverty levels , starvation , higher child mobility , and lower education. Arguably, the most affected countries are the areas with a higher number of refugees , and other humantarian crises. The social media platforms have been used to spread misinformation about the panademic. This has led to a rise in stigma and hate speech, especially with foreigners and immigrants. Notably, there are set ways to lower the levels of the panademic spread. I would recommend regular, and thorough cleaning of hands with alcohol-based hand wash to curb the spread, and follow all social distancing guidelines provided by authorities, however we live in a world that people are facing different conditions and situations. The crowded conditions make it impossible sometimes to access clean water and handwashing. Relaxation of the immigration has been prevalent. This has made it easier for immigrants to get into other nations.

In a nutshell, the COVID-19 could fuel more conflict, poverty , and starvation. I persume that the panademic can lead to starvation due to the lockdown put in most countries, affecting food production. Moreover, due to the cessation of movement in some places , there can be limited food transportation.

Plausibly, the panademic could lead to an increase in global poverty. Estimates stipulate that the panademic will push forty-nine million people into extreme poverty in 2020. The rapture of the virus arround the globe threatened the economies of various countries. For instance, Zimbabwe is categorized as a developing country without a balanced economy. Arguably, the country's food security is threatened where few industries are functional and cannot cater to the contry's needs. The recommendations should include, governments that have to come up with post COVID-19 measures to matigate the risk of poverty and starvation, invest in high quality childcare and early education,raise the employees payments, and create immigration reforms.


Article : UN- Covid 19 could fuel more conflict, poverty, starvation


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