Unemployment Rates During National Pandemic

Due to the pandemic of COVID19 that swept over our nation, thousands of jobs were lost. People who lived paycheck to paycheck are now out of a job, in need of basic necessities. Employees who are considered "essential employees" need a piece of paper to be out on the road, and most of them are not receiving hazard pay for putting their health on the line for said business to resume as normal. The United States was at its lowest unemployment rates in history at a mere 3.5% as of November, December, January, even through February. However as time progressed along with a pandemic infested nation, it rose to 4.4% within the month of March. People have resorted to selling homemade, or DIY, in order to get by. I am eager to see how our government officials will choose to proceed in dealing with unemployment rates when our COVID19 outbreak is no longer a threat. 

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