Covoid-19 has effected everyone in one way or another. We are in a time where we are living out what we would see in a Steven King movie. World wide spread of a virus and no one is exempt from contracting. Not only are we fearful for our lives but we also have a fear of losing our way of living. Our jobs, gigs and anything that helps pay our bills. Prior to the coronavisus breakout the United States was considered at full employment. Meaning not every single American have a job,but almost everyone who is able to work has a job and unemployment is at the lowest rates. After the breakout America or the world wouldnt expect what was to follow. Slowly we began to see changes in our daily lives as the media poured out details. Slowly we were being prepaired for what was yet to come. A United States shut down where only essential bussines are kept open. Small businesses held out as long as they could before being forced to shut down. Major businesses as well and the unemployment rate went from being the lowest in years. All of a sudden sky rocketed leaving millions of Americans unemployed. Prior to the world wide spread of the virus. At the end of 2019 the unemployment rate was at 3.5%. Today we have over 22 Million Americans who filed for unemployment in the past four weeks. Thats over 13% of the work force. Im sad to say the numbers are only rising. Is the worst of this virus behind us? I would like to say yes but I know we still have a fight ahead of us.  Our goverment is making strides to help out America.We are all in this together. If you know anyone personally affected by this pendemic please check on them. Jobs may be lost but lets not lose faith. Below I attcahed links with more information about what I have in the post. Everyone stay safe

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