US national debt and where it will be.

This is an article about the US national debt and how COVID effected it. It gives a slight background to the debt and how it has played a role in the federal budget since Nixon was in the office. It also shows that only 4 out of 48 years the budget has been in surplus (8%). It then goes into how the debt has risen over each of the presidential terms and gives great visual representations of how the debt has been increasing exponentially with almost every president.

Another big part of the article is how the debt is going to effect future generations if it keeps growing. It goes into how a little debt can be good and can cause an increase in growth within a country or economy, but a lot of debt will crush our future. A lot of debt is 85% of the GDP of a country, ours is currently 136% of our GDP. The other big part of the article is the projection that the US national debt by the year of 2028 will grow from 27 trillion (current) to over 78 trillion dollars if we stay on the path that we are on.

-Jonathan Smolarz

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