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         This article from Yahoo finance titled “US stocks – Future climb on vaccine hopes, upbeat retails sales data”, is discussing what the COVID- 19 pandemic has done to the stock market and which sectors have been positively or negatively affected. Many pharmaceutical companies seeking a vaccine for COVID-19 are seeing high inputs from U.S. investors into their companies. I think what this says about the U.S. as a whole is that many people have the same goal for these next few months which is to get vaccine testing started so that the economy can repair itself sooner. Although, some companies like Netflix have seen growing profits due to the stay at home order that has been encouraged in the last few months. In the past few months stock market analysis has also seen retail shops improving their numbers better than expected. Analysis for fortune 500 companies has also gotten much better from what it has been in the past three months. From this article we can conclude that the economy in the U.S. still has a long recovery ahead, but slowly more and more companies are seeing heightened revenues and more willing investors.

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