I found this article published on the NY Times very inresting as it highlighted executives with major gains during this pandemic while millions of americans have lost their jobs and are paying a lot of medical insurance if exposed to the virus, even those who were insured, because their jobs will no longer provide that. Among these biggest executives one that stood our to me was  Edward W. Stack the chief executive of Dick's sporting Goods, whom accoring to the article has made a lot of money on stock based awards that have appreciated so much when the stock market was close to its lowesr point for the year. These pays are a result of "the sharp rise in the stock prices of these companies, which investors are bettting asre well posotion to grow during this pandemic" I was facinated on how the article highlighted that the income and wealth in the US "is tilted heavly toards a tiny number of top earners who own a significan amounts of stock" because most people dont own stocks or have very few.








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