Why do I live in Connecticut

Why do I live in Connecticut?
Connecticut is the 4th most densely populated state in the country - https://state.1keydata.com/state-population-density.php

As of 2015, Connecticut is was the 2nd highest per capita income with the average income of $66,000, Second only to Washington D.C. who’s average income per capita was around $71,000.

Connecticut has one of the lowest poverty rates in the country at 9.76% as of 2017. Only Maryland and New Hampshire have lower poverty rates.

Connecticut is the 5th lowest in violent crime per capita behind Vermont, New Hampshire, Utah, and Maine which all have very low population densities.


29th most populous state

27th in US DGP

All the metrics listed above are favorable along with being close to big cities such as New York and Boston make Connecticut seems like a pretty great place to live and work. Then why do people seem to want to leave the state? Taxes. Connecticut has the 8th highest tax burden in the country. This was calculated by taking into consideration property, individual income, and sales tax.

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